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Repair and disassembly guides for Samsung DVD players.

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It won't turn on how can I fix it

How can I fix my DVD player that does not turn on?

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iggu_inequna what exact model is it? Any sign of life?


My losonic DVD prayer doesn't turn power on.


Hi @brightbrave,

What is the model number of the Iosonic dvd player?

Do you mean that the remote doesn't turn it on or the power button on the dvd player doesn't turn it on or both?

Does the dvd player have a standby power light that is on when the player is connected to the wall outlet?


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There isn't much to go by, but a DVD player is a quite simple device​. I think it to be one of three things:

1. Bad cord or power connection. If the cord detaches from the player, make sure there is no debris inside the cord or player. If you can, use a multi meter to test continuity. Also, make sure that outlet is good by plugging other devices into it.

2. Electric problems. The player may have been exposed to static electricity, which could have ruined it. Or, the player was not on a surge protector during a surge. Alternatively, the voltage for the player may be different from what you have in your house. Either 120v or 240v.

3. Power button is broken, which will happen after too much wear and use. If this occurs, it should power on by pressing eject or using the button on the remote.

Hope this helps!

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thank you for basic insight! already went through manufacturer and cable provider help desks and no one had the idea (not even me) to check the outlet itself! was going to trash the device or buy a new one and i'm poor!

door comment is deemed too short so I reiterate: "Freeeak....."


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