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Tiger Rice Cooker JAH-A10A

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Does not turn on.

I plugged in the rice cooker and pressed START. It had no action at all. Seemed like the power is not getting to the cooker.

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How can we reattach a new battery when the leads are spot welded to the old battery?


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The first thing I would try is replacing the battery. Here's how:

Tiger Rice cooker Internal Battery Replacement

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Hi @Manilka Sheran,

You unsolder the old battery from the circuit board and then solder the new battery to the board.

The Ifixit battery replacement guide for the cooker, linked in the above answer, shows how to do this.

The supplier linked is only to show the cost of the battery and also to show you that you buy it with the tabs already welded on. There are other suppliers that may suit you better. Just search for CR 2450 battery with tabs to get results

Remember to check the polarity before unsoldering the old battery so that you know which way to solder the new one in. There is a +ve symbol on the battery to show the polarity.

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