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A touchscreen tablet released September 2015 by Samsung for AT&T, identified by model number SM-T817A.

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Can I Get Rid of These Black Areas on my Screen?

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My tablet has these weird black areas on the right side of my screen when held horizontally, bottom when held vertically. Even though they are only on one side, they darken the rest of the screen slightly. Just got it this Christmas. I haven't dropped it or hurt it in any other way. These just randomly appeared. I'm not too sure what they're​ from or if I can fix that. It still functions fine as well. Any ideas? Should I just take it to a store to get it fixed? I wanted to check before I did to check if I could do anything about it first.

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How old is it?


I just got it this Christmas.


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@cinjin that is a backlight issue and it will not get any better by itself. Since you just have the tablet since Christmas, use your warranty to get it replaced/repaired

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Alright thanks. Just wanted to check before doing so.


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Accidently the screen got pressed and its damage. To get rid of it you need to replace the screen that's only economical solution.

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Thanks to you too, kind of suspected it, but wasn't sure.


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