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The 1992 Reissue of the original '65 Twin Reverb. Different from the older model, the reissue is built with a printed circuit board and 1/4 inch footswitch phone jacks. This model features blackface cosmetics and 12'' Jensen speakers.

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Replaced power tubes, but one isn't working although it's good?!?

I've just replaced the old 6L6 GT power tubes for JJ's 6L6 GC. One tube didn't light up so I've switched position and the tube light up, but the other tube don't. I am guessing it's something to do with the socket, but I've tried the old tubes and all still work...

I appreciate your help on this, because it's a bit mind bending.

Thanks a lot,


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@pmonteiro is it the reissue or the original '65 amp?


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@pmonteiro based on your tube description I assume you are looking at the reissue. you did not tell us which tube is not working. It is possible that it is the tube socket, but those do not usually fail easily. I would suggest that you measure the components connected for the tube in question. Attached is the wiring diagram so let us know what you find. It may further help if we can see what you see. Post some images of your amp's board etc. with your question. for that use this guide.

Block Image

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If the tube is not glowing, check the heater (filament) connections on the socket of the valve that doesn't work. Pin 2 & 7 of the socket. To conclusively prove it disconnect the wiring from either pin 2 or 7 then use an Ohmmeter to measure the filament, (with the valve inserted of course and the power disconnected)

If there is no reading check the socket, Sometimes the valve socket connector loses tension on the valve pin to make a good connection or the old valve has a thicker pin.

You can try very gently bending the valve pin outwards (don't break it) so that it goes in, at a slightly different angle so that it touches the socket connector or try using a pin or sewing needle to try and close the socket connector a bit (usually split metal socket) so that it makes better contact with the valve pin.

If there is a reading then use the Ohmmeter to prove continuity of the filament wiring (2 wires) either to the next or from the previous valve,


Hi, thanks for your help. I will take some pics tonight and post them.

The tubes are all fine, I will check the pins and see if it's just a bad connections issue.




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You might have a bad capacitor or bad solder joint. If you can't check for yourself, I suggest taking it to a competent repair man.

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