Repair and disassembly guides for laptops manufactured by Haier.

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Some keys of keyboard NOT Working?

Some keys of keyboard NOT Working ??Like N,space,ALT,B,C.ENTER key .How can i repair..If it cannot be repaired and need to changed keyboard of my haier laptop ?Which keyboard model can fit into this laptop.Thanks

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faraz0920 what model is your Haier Laptop


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I don't know this make of laptop, but for most, swapping the keyboard is fairly straightforward. You may have to remove a bezel between the keyboard and the hinge to gain access to the required screws, or you may have to remove one or more screws from the back, or indeed the keyboard may just clip in place. Then you just need to be a bit careful in releasing the ribbon or ribbons connecting the keyboard to the motherboard. You probably wouldn't be able to fix the troublesome keys in your existing keyboard.

You will need a replacement keyboard for the exact same model, and make sure it's the right language, but hopefully you can find one on eBay.

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