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Announced in March 2015, and released April 10, 2015, the Galaxy S6 is the next flagship in the Galaxy line. The curved screen version is known as the Galaxy S6 Edge.

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I have bent my screen.

I was on a night out and had my phone in my back pocket. I fell and must of landed on my phone. The phone is bent and screen lifted up a bit. Is it fixable ? :(

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Its not turning on at all anymore. No blue light either


I was googling a similar issue with a work colleague's phone. (Its visably bent near the mid-upper part of the phone.) If you're not getting any response out of it there could be two things wrong with it:

Most likely - the motherboard is bent. While fixable, these are the "brains" of the phone. This is typically the second most expensive part to replace on the device. (About $40 after some quick google-fu) You'll also want to replace the chassis that house the, "guts" of the phone and probably the battery, it's most likely bent too. (While it could be re-flattened, it's probably ruptured the Li+ cells and could be damaged.)

The second - and least likely - the screen is damaged and will need to be replaced. This is the most expensive part to fix.

My thoughts is that its a combination of all three. Total cost to fix: $200+ I would recommend just replacing the phone through insurance or by getting a new phone.

I know this is an old post, but for future searchers, this may help.

Good luck!


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Hi @annie30, yes your phone is definitely fixable. It's still powers on and runs right? By the sounds of it you need a new mid frame. Here's a link to a guide to help you with the repair tools and parts you need.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Vervanging van de midframemodule

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It probably also needs a new screen and back cover. Depending on if the back cover is cracked or not.

Also if the phone got bent on the side where the logic board is. It may be not fixable depending on how bad the bend is.

I'm using a S6 right now that had a bent battery screen back cover glass and frame.

Luckily the board didn't get bent and the battery is still working.


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My infinix s5 lite is softly bent can it be fix

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Yes following the same above instructions to replacee mid frame. :)


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