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This instant film camera, also known as the Neo Classic, was released by Fujifilm in Fall 2013 under the model number 16404571. It is silver, and comes with the choice of black or brown accents.

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Why is there a blinking E on the screen?

Camera won't turn on, except for the screen, which just displays a blinking E.

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I have the same problem, if I turn on the camera there is only a noise just like it tries to load a new film, but nothing happen and then the blinking E appears. Please help me…


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@nheckusf, Nathan, This usually (E) displays when the camera is out of film from forums I have read. May be a dead/faulty battery not charging anymore or your film is faulty or not loaded properly. If still under warranty, confirming you have a good battery and the film cartridge is loaded properly, the only thing left to do is send it for repair/or exchange/refund. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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I have the same issue with charged battery that tests strong with voltmeter and brand new film inserted correctly. I'll start dismantling to see if I can learn anything more. I fear E is probably some generic error code that could mean a thousand different things.


On my Fuji the Gear for Output the Paper (the one which operates the metal lever) is broken. No chance to repair because no spare parts available


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