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The BLU Vivo XL was released in January 2016 as part of BLU's budget line of smartphones.

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My Phone Wont Turn On

ok at work last night my phone dropped to 15% no big deal. outside of work i made a few phone calls and then put it in the super mode or whatever it then died on my way home. i thought nothing of it and plugged it in. i found it weird that it wouldnt turn on after it had been on the charger for a half our so i was immediately frustrated, i then left it on the charger all night and it still is and it wont turn on. i am very annoyed because i need this phone to be working. so it is on the charger and wont turn on which is unsettling. if you have any idea whats going on please help....

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Hi, sounds like you may be having some battery issues. What type of device do you have? I would look at replacing the battery of your device to see if that will get the device back to normal for you. Try this instead of leaving on the charger all night.

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Make sure you are using a 9v/2a adapter, the charger blu supplied the phone with is not fully compatible with the device. The charger is only 5v

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