Repair guides and support for HP's LaserJet Laser Printer Line, which includes printers with model numbers starting with LaserJet, LaserJet Pro, Color LaserJet, P, M, CP, and CM.

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HP P1005 LaserJet printing with streaks on paper, Cleaning?

This printer was relatively inexpensive and is great for documents in Black & White. Quick, efficient and cheap to operate.

How do I disassemble it to clean the mechanics to get a cleaner printout ?

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You could try to clean the print-cartridge area as well as to clean the device paper path if you are experiencing toner specks or dots on the printouts. you might also try to clean the pickup roller. the users manual describes all those steps in detail and is available at as well as Good Luck

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Dead links live links are needed to access user manuals.


Hi @ dave.trotsky.ireland

Here's a link to the User manual for the P1000 series printer taken from this webpage


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