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The Samsung L100 was a Digital Camera that was released in February 2008.

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Why wont my camera charge or turn on

the lens is still sticking out.It will not charge.And it will not turn on.

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How is your battery charge? Did anything happen to the camera i.e.getting dropped, water exposure etc? could be that you need a new battery. Is it charging in a external charger and does the charger work. You might want to check that with a multimeter to eliminate the battery as a culprit.From what I found out there may also be an issue with the lens motion strip and that could cause your cam to act up. Do you have any error code beeping from your cam?

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My camera has been dropped but it was working after that.When i charge it, it has a red light that says on for a few seconds which means its charging but then it starts flashing which means its not charging do u know whats wrong?


Heba, you are charging on en external charger I suppose? I would definitely start with a new battery.


Camera has a new battery fully charged but will not turn on. nothing happens


@keithgill same camera? Besides a new battery, what have you tried?


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