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High performance tablet computer released by Apple on November 11, 2015. Model A1584.

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Is it possible to put a 12MP Camera in the 12" iPad Pro?

I was wondering if you were able to open the iPad up and use the 12MP camera in the 12" iPad? I mean theres only a few differences between the 9" and the 12" iPad Pro's and the camera is a major one so I was wondering if I were to buy a 9" replacement 12MP camera and install it in the 12" iPad Pro, would it work? Could I then record 4K, etc?

Update (03/23/2017)

Thanks guys. I guess I'm stuck with the iPad Pro with a crappy camera. I mean I don't really take a lot of pics with the iPad anyhow. It's good enough to scan docs with. I just thought it would be cool.

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It probably isn't a good idea to swap hardware from device to device. The current draw/supply voltage may be different, or the iPad may not be able to understand the information that the camera encodes and sends over the PCB


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I think its too risky to even try. Opening up the iPads is not easy! Besides, the rummer-mill is ripe with hints Apple will be dropping a refresh of the Pro series soon. I would hold off until then.

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Unfortunately, the connectors are different. Also, the iOS is specifically calibrated specifically included camera. If you were able to get a camera from a model to register, I don't think the camera would work properly.

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