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sound only comes out of one side of audio jack

When you plug your earphones in only onse side is working. Checked earphones they are ok. If connected to Ipod speaker dock works ok. Can this be fixed and what would it cost.

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Hansel, there is a previous answer of mine that you might want to explore. I bet one of the pins inside your jack is bend and not making proper contact. You may get it re-adjusted by opening your ipod and taking a look at the jack itself but I do not think that you can get to the contacts. So I suppose your best bet would to replace it since you have it apart anyway. The part is available here good luck to you. See if this will fix your issue. Good Luck

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Hey buddy, Do u notice when you plug in your headphones the jack is a little "wiggily" or if the sound comes in sometimes when you wiggle it?

Mine did this to me and eaither your missing a screw or the screw is loose from the head phone jack or it's just going bad? It is kinda difficult to get to the headphone jack to replace it but try tightening the screws just to a snug or just replace the flex cable. It's very cheep of eBay.

Hope this helps!

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