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The Sharp EL-531X is a scientific calculator produced by Sharp.

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How can I fix it?

MY calculator won't turn off except after being left alone for a long period of time and the buttons aren't responding. Also it only displays 0=. and I've even tried restarting it many times.

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The calculator will display 1 no matter with the battery or not.

It stop working.


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Try replacing the battery and then resetting the calculator.

The EL-531X uses a LR-44 (or equivalent) battery

Here are two images that show what to do.

Battery Replacement

Block Image


Block Image

(click on images to enlarge for better viewing)

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Hi. After changing battery and resetting, all the buttons still didn't work. Please help.


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I had the same problem and managed to fix it by removing the battery and unscrewing and removing the back cover. That's it. I reckon that the issue happened because the "=" key connection was stuck, so uncovering the calculator might have "released" the connection. Hope this helps!

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