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Mid-size SUV sold in North America in 2001–2008 or in Southeast Asia and South America since 2012.

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traction control drops RPM

I realize this is a safety feature on my 2006 Trailblazer (4WD Luxury Edition) but I feel this system is "Overreacting" to the LOUSY Michigan road conditions!

While driving along and "just one drive wheel" encounters a bump or pothole or a patch of ice, I get a SUDDEN DROP in RPMs! (even after all this time it still gives me a brief worry).

I just want to disable this feature as it just causes me concern be cause I live in Michigan and between the slippery weather and HORRIBLY maintained roads I am feeling this unnecessary sudden drop in RPM "engine slow down" way too often and it's just plain annoying especially when towing my boat on the highways/freeways!!!

Advise me, I just want it available ONLY when I want it (like when on slick boat ramps)!

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I suppose I'll have to peruse the owner manual for this solution. Thanks anyway.


Those pages are what I have a vague recollection about but I remember seeing nothing about this being a temporary solution (until engine/system recycles). I'l look into it.Thanks for the guidance.

I saw a youtube about that fuse; And, I would NEVER be so reckless as to disable the ABS (especially in Macomb County Michigan with the Country's Worst Roads AND The Worst Drivers on Earth! After all the problem is a minor one unless I slip while towing my boat.


Joseph Barby, Yes read through your manual, what I mean is when you turn the engine off, it is just like a reset which would enable the TC, etc to be active again until you repress the shifter button to turn it off. Thanks for replying back, have a good evening.


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Joseph Barby , If you look in your manual, I believe there may be a button on shifter when pressed 10 sec's. that will disable the TC temporarily until vehicle has been shut off and restarted pg's. 3-60, 4-10-13. Also there is also a fuse that can be pulled (ABS) ((CAUTION LOOSE FUNCTION))which may also linked to traction, stability control,ABS and the lights will likely be on. Find a link to your owners manual below. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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Please be aware that by removing the fuse for the traction control you loose the ABS . Your brakes will work fine but you wont have the anti lock feature which when pulling a trailer could cause you to jackknife


@jimfixer ,fuse that can be pulled (ABS) which may also linked to traction, stability control,abs, I did note that in my answer, maybe should have high lighted it, which I will do. Thanks Jim.


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