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Released fall 2013, the Z30 is a touchscreen smartphone by BlackBerry.

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earphone socket not working

I bought my BlackBerry z30 before 5 months earphone jack is not working. How can I solve this?

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@balanagaraju , bala , Try a reset, Press and hold volume up and down button simultaneously and letting the phone restart or Press and hold the power button till the phone restarts.

Try a different compatible set of earphones(a lot of aftermarket type may not work), look inside the jack for dust/lint/etc., pick out any you see and then blow out with canned compressed air. Go into your phones setting to be sure not muted,etc. if alllooks good possibly the jack is faulty and will need replaced. If only 5 months old return for repair/replacement/refund. If not worried about warranty you could also dissmantle the phone(link below) and check and clean the connection/check for damage, reassemble and try. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

BlackBerry Z30 Logic board Replacement

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