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Model A1040 / 10, 15, 20, 30, or 40 GB hard drive / four touch-sensitive LED backlit buttons above touch wheel

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cant find my iPod on ifixit #A1040 2003

my ipod model #A1040 is not the same as the model #A1040 ifixit shows mine is a black and white screen my screen broke and am trying to find a replacement i orderd one and had to send it back because the screen wireing harness is different please help i cant find the right screen.

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This will help you to identify your iPod and this is where you can get the right display According to my information every 3rd Generation has a monochrome screen. I believe it was the 4th Generation iPod photo that had the first color display. Good luck....

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only chanel sounds

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yuriytitarev, are you in need of any answers? Not quite sure what question you are asking....


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