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The Olympus E-510 (called the Olympus EVOLT E-510in North America) is a 10-megapixel digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera marketed towards the “prosumer” or “hobbyist” markets. The Olympus E-510was released in March 2007.

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Where can I purchase a card cover for my camera?

How do I purchase a card cover for my camera?

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U mean like a sd card


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Here is a link to an Ifixit answer that details how to remove/replace the card cover,

Repair/replace card door Olympus E-510 DSLR

The part in the link shown in the Chosen Answer is no longer available, but here is a link to another supplier.

If this doesn't suit you, just search online for Olympus Evolt E510 card cover for results for other suppliers.

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