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Repair guides and troubleshooting for the HP Compaq DC7500, a business class desktop computer introduced in 2007.

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Makes beeps when the pc turns on and pc dispaly doesnt sho

When my pc turns on it constalty makes beeping sounds and doesnt stop the diaplay doesnt turn on,the monitor works fine

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joseph 5052 are you saying it beeps continuously? As soon as you turn it on?



Is there a pattern to the beeps?

Count them and see if there is a pause and then it repeats the sequence over and over.

It can be up to 9 beeps in a row or even a code such as 1 beep 1 beep 4 beeps 1 beep 1 beep 4 beeps or something like that.

Listen for the pause between the beep pattern. It is slightly longer than the time between the actual beeps


it happens when i turn it on it makes 5 beeps and a pause and keeps going and does'nt stop.


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The 5 beeps is a memory or motherboard problem. I would remove all but one of the memory modules and test each one individually and find the one that may be bad.If the PC beeps 5 times with all of the single memory modules tested at a time, then the motherboard is shot. Hope this helps

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