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The 2008-2014 (fifth generation) Honda City was unveiled in Bangkok, Thailand in September 2008. In South Africa, the Honda City is called the Honda Ballade.

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My brake lights won't go off, please help me.

I was at the mechanic village this morning to work on the wheels and check for loose arms as I would, but after the mechanic work was done and through, I took the car for a test drive only for me to find out where I parked that my brake lights were actually on, at first I thought it was just the reflection of light from the sun but on going near it and feeling for temperature, I felt that it was very hot. So, I tried to check for what could have made the lights come on in the first place but couldn't. I don't want just any body to go dipping hands into the system just anyhow. Please help me.

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2012 Chrysler Town and Country brake lights staying on


try pumping them a little when the cars of so they get stiff, then use your hand and pull the pedal out, this solved my issue with my older mercury tracer


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Palms and Oaks Realty Limited , look under your dash above the brake pedal, follow the pedal arm up and you will see a switch. Check that the button on switch is aligned with the arm and is being pushed into shut the brake lights off. Pull up on pedal and have some one watch to see if brake lights go out, if they do you may have to adjust he switch so button gets pushed correct amount to open connection. If all looks good and brake lights still on, the brake light switch could be faulty or a short in the brake circuits wiring, which will have to be traced and repaired. If you have a trailer light harness installed check/remove it as sometimes these can be problem. Link below will give you an idea of brake light switch location, adjustment,etc.. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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Thank you, was greatly helpful


Palms and Oaks Realty Limited, Welcome, thanks for posting back.


many, many thanks. saved my ass


Thank you for your answer!! You made my day!! It totally worked, and it was an easy fix... Just followed the arm and lifted the peddle, like you explained.

By P. Ritacca


Palms and Oaks Realty Limited great info. thanks to you mate. It took only 2 minutes to fix this.


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i don't have much work with cars, however, electronically the circuit likely has a short. a pinched connection, or a stuck switch.

check the circuit switches for continuity.

I have attached a VERY BASIC Light Circuit. If the switch is closed, it gets current, if it is open, it does not.

Use a multimeter to measure Voltage drop from the switch, (Whichever one is triggered by the brake pedal to signal you are breaking)

If the multimeter reads 0V, then no voltage is dropped, and you have a short Circuit in the switch

Outside of that, your load circuits may be failing as well. i do not have the Circuit diagram for your specific car model, so i am unable to give you more that the simplest overview. i apologize that i can not help more

Block Image

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