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The HP 550 notebook is a guarantee and an optimal choice for every pocket: these notebooks allow you to stay connected and productive, bringing with you your office and any information needed to deal with any business trip. The HP 550 notebook are, in fact, the ideal solution for those who travel frequently and need maximum convenience. An excellent quality / price ratio without sacrificing anything. With a fresh new look, a 15.4 "screen, and just 2.49Kg, it's the perfect partner for all businesses. Different configurations offer the ability to choose between Windows Vista Business, Vista Basic or Free Dos solution. Enjoy wireless in any place: whether you're across the street or across the world, optional HP Mobile Broadband technologies, Wi-Fi WLAN CERTIFIEDTM allows you to stay comfortably connected .

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Why is does my hp have no touch screen

I need to enable touch screen but I don't know how.

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please help me I don't now what to do.


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Nintendo Switch-kits

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If you have Win 10 installed here is a link that may be of some help if the touchscreen is not working. Check in the orange Most Helpful Answer box on what to do . There are two suggestions contained in the answer, the second is under the Update 30/09/2016. heading in the answer.

How to reinstall touch screen driver? My touch screen stopped working..

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