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Repair guides and disassembly information for the OnePlus 3T Android smartphone. Released in November 2016, model number A3010.

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How to transfer music from my pc to the phone?

how to transfer music from my pc to the phone ??

Oneplus 3t

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Connect the phone to a PC using the appropriate USB cable. If the phone is already switched on there will be a notification to select the appropriate USB connection on the phone. Select the option that allows file transfer.

Once this is done the PC will recognize the phone and connect to it.

You should now be able to use Windows Explorer to find the phone's drive(s). Locate the Music folder. Copy and paste the music files from your pc to the Music folder in the phone.

When finished, unmount the phone from the PC (taskbar icon) and then disconnect the cable from the PC USB port and the phone. Switch off the USB connection in the phone.

Open the Music app in the phone to find the music file you want.

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How this possible? The oneplus 3t has a usb type-c cable. And i've tried so many times plugging it in but still it wont recognize or let me even transfer some data


Hi @alistair03 ,

Go to settings - developer option - select usb configuration - mtp

if developer Option is not available in Settings :

go to Settings > About Phone > Build Number tap it 7 times, it will bring up developer option.


Thank you for the correct reply Alistair


Why isn't this "feature" more widely documented? Wasted hours!


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[Solved] Easiest way is simply swipe your finger down for notifications.

Look for “Android System”. It may be showing :

Android System . Charging this device via USB^

Tap on this for More Options

You will see USB Preferences. Select “Use USB for”

“File transfer” option button and go back

The Windows File explorer will show “internal Shared Storage” sub-folder under your “OnePlus….” folder

Now you can browse all your phone folders. For Pictures Go to “DCIM” subfolder.

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I recommend reading the article “How to copy on Mac and Android devices?”

An excellent article about transferring music, files and pictures to phones on Android

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