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D1760-2 DECT 6.0 Cordless Home phone with caller ID.

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phone does not ring

my phone has stopped ringing and all incoming calls go directly to answering machine

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The word unregistered appear


My vtect phone rings out but there is silence when I answer,also I can ring out but then it just goes silent,why?it was working perfectly then it started doing the above


My phone rings just once at odd times through the night and no one is there, why is this happening. It happens at least twice a week


My phone does not ring.

Uniden 9135 Series.



We are not receiving in coming calls. Doesn't go to voice mail


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Check that you are not in Silent Mode. (Silent Mode On should be displayed on the screen of each handset).

Here is how to enter / exit Silent Mode

1. With the phone in standby, press and hold # on any handset. The phone prompts you to select the number of hours (1 -9 or Always On) that you want it to stay in silent mode.

2.To confirm, press # or just wait about 5 seconds. The phone turns on the answering system and displays Silent Mode On on each handset.

3.After the selected number of hours, the phone automatically exits silent mode.

To exit silent mode manually, press and hold # again.

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Ring tone coming but I am not able to dial any number. Phone not responding on touching button


Hi @shailaja ,

Can you answer a call OK when the phone rings?


Hi, our ph going straight to answer ph

hash Key does not show up anything when it is held but the #


Hi @ Carrington Jade,

What is the model number of the phone if it is not a Uniden 1760


All wrong. Just push the bottom of the wheel and it will go silent. Top of the wheel it rings. Its that simple


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Hi patriciabeales,

What is the model number of your Vtech phone?

Can you hear the dial tone on the Vtech phone before you dial a number on an outgoing call?

Try calling your Vtech phone number from another phone e.g. a mobile phone and then check if you can be heard on the mobile phone when speaking from the Vtech phone.

If you can be heard in the mobile phone, but cannot hear in the Vtech phone it may be that there is a problem with the earphone receiver in your Vtech phone

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Hi @ Sharifah Hafsah,

If you have a Uniden Dect 1760 or 1760-2 phone, here is a link to the User Guide.

Scroll to p.16 in the guide to view the procedure how to register your handset with the base station so that it will work OK

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I can call out but no calls are coming in uniden DECT 1735


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Hi @ Philip Hanna,

Does a phone number appear in the display of the phone when these calls occur?

If not do you have the CND (call number display) feature provided by your landline service provider on the phone?

If you have the feature and there is no number displayed then the caller is not forwarding their number on the call.

This makes it difficult to find out who called. Usually the service provider only helps in the case of harassing or threatening calls and not intermittent nuisance calls. But you could always ask them

If you don't have the feature perhaps you should invest in it. Go to your phone service provider's website to find out how much it costs.

On mobile services CND is free but on most landline services it costs.

You could also check your provider's website to see if there is a "code number" that you can dial from your phone to find out the number of the phone that last called your phone. If there isn't any info contact the provider and ask.

Other than that there's not much you can do except perhaps invest in an answer machine to answer the calls and for you to turn down the ringer volume on the phone. That way if there is an important call the caller can leave a message and it won’t be missed.

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Hi @John Fitzpatrick,

Can you call out OK from the phone?

Check that Do not Disturb - see p.18 is not being displayed in the handset.

Check that you get an engaged signal when you call the number associated with the phone service i.e. call yourself, just to prove that the correct number is connected to the phone.

If all the above are OK if possible connect a corded telephone to the telephone line socket, in lieu of the Uniden’s base station and use another phone e.g. a mobile phone to call the number and check if the corded phone rings.

What indication do you get when calling the number from another phone, ringtone, busy tone, voice announcement etc?

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I do not have a chorded phone.

When I call my home number from my mobile phone it rings on my mobile phone and gives me a message that says, Hello, no one is available to take your call & hangs up.

I don’t get a ring tone on my handset to alert me that I have a call & nothing goes to my message bank.


@John Fitzpatrick

Is the phone base station connected to a modem and uses an internet connection or to a wall outlet where the telephone cable comes in?

What happens when you call the number from the phone itself?

You should get the busy signal. If you get a ringtone signal call your mobile phone from the phone and check what the number is that is calling (this is as long as you don't have block calling number on the landline service which prevents the number being sent forward to the called party). This is to check that the correct number is connected to the phone service.

If the phone is connected to a telephone cable and not the internet disconnect the base station from the telephone wall socket and then call the number from a mobile phone. It should just ring out and then go to message bank after the selected time period. If it doesn't and you get the same message as before, try again and this time when it rings in the mobile, short out the two telephone line wires in the socket and check if the ringtone stops. If not then you have a line problem. Call your phone service provider.

If it is connected to a modem as an internet phone service check the phone settings in the modem or call your internet service provider.


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