D1760-2 DECT 6.0 Caller ID Cordless Home phone with caller ID.

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phone does not ring

my phone has stopped ringing and all incoming calls go directly to answering machine

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The word unregistered appear


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Check that you are not in Silent Mode. (Silent Mode On should be displayed on the screen of each handset).

Here is how to enter / exit Silent Mode

1. With the phone in standby, press and hold # on any handset. The phone prompts you to select the number of hours (1 -9 or Always On) that you want it to stay in silent mode.

2.To confirm, press # or just wait about 5 seconds. The phone turns on the answering system and displays Silent Mode On on each handset.

3.After the selected number of hours, the phone automatically exits silent mode.

To exit silent mode manually, press and hold # again.

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Ring tone coming but I am not able to dial any number. Phone not responding on touching button


Hi @shailaja ,

Can you answer a call OK when the phone rings?


Hi, our ph going straight to answer ph

hash Key does not show up anything when it is held but the #


Hi @ Carrington Jade,

What is the model number of the phone if it is not a Uniden 1760


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Hi @ Sharifah Hafsah,

If you have a Uniden Dect 1760 or 1760-2 phone, here is a link to the User Guide.

Scroll to p.16 in the guide to view the procedure how to register your handset with the base station so that it will work OK

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