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Repair guides and support for F-250 Heavy Duty pickup trucks, part of Ford's tenth-generation F-Series.

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What is product number crankshaft position reluctor wheel pulse ring?

I have 1997 F250 300 cid 6cyl, 4.9L with multiport Fuel injection gas.

Behind the Dorman 594-391 harmonic balancer damper is where the pulse ring crankshaft position reluctor wheel. Is there a product number for the pulse ring including 3 points aluminum and it attach to the damper with 3 bolts.

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Also the factory made the pulse ring (3 points) made out of steel for 594-391 Dorman. It has part number for damper 247603153 {102103 }. It includes 3 bolt thru the 3 holes of the reluctor.


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@keepiner , Rex Haislip, I did spend some time on this and found very little to match your year and engine, may be best to contact Dorman products at the link below or call the Ford dealer parts department. Another option would be to contact a good local auto salvage/recycling yard for the part or assembly, even if they do not have the part most yards are now interconnected to thousands of other salvage yards through a computer system, that may have the part and will ship it to your location. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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