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Announced in October 1999.

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iMac G3 not powering up

i recently bought an imac g3 model m5521

it worked fine when i recieved it

i shut it off and placed it on my desk

it worked fine there until i powered it off

i pushed the power button and i here a pop and the imac didnt power on

and now whenever i try to power iy on i hear a soft pop from the speakers

does anyone know the problem or know a solution

i am by no means a mac expert or user so please explain clearly

thank to everyone who submits help

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If there was a popping noise, then you are probably going to have to take it apart and look around inside for a blown capacitor or fuse, or some sign of electrical arcing. It could just be the power supply that has gone bad. You could try wiggling the power cord near the computer and listen for any popping noises and try to turn it on afterward if you didn't hear anything.

At any rate, you are going to need to test the power coming out of the power supply. You will need to use a multimeter. If you are averse to working on electrical circuits, then you should probably take it to a repair shop; though, it may cost more for a pro to fix than it is worth.

The link below is for an IMac G3 M4984, but it may at least give some insight on how to disassemble your computer if you are inclined to do so.

iMac G3 Model M4984 Power Supply Replacement

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now that i read my post again i have to correct something

the sound that i heard was like an electric sound (example: when the power cord isnt plugt in correctly)

but i dont really know how to take it apart so i will try it out


Capacitors and fuses both pass electricity, and can sound like an electric arc when they blow. That being said, it sounds like the power cord may have been loosened when it was moved, or the entire power supply went out. The last time I had a power supply go out, the power light would flash briefly when pressed and then go out. The static you hear from the speaker is probably just energy dissipating from the system from the brief power applied.


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I have 6 or 7 of these in various models/colors and the one thing the G3 was very bad at was starting when the PRAM battery went dead.

You can usually get it running again by resetting the PRAM chip on boot. Hold down the following keys at or before you hear the chime (you do get a chime? or just a pop from speakers?) OPTION - COMMAND (APPLE) - P - R

Keep them down until you hear chime 2 times then let them go.

If no chime, but just a pop from speaker, then power supply would be next stop. If the pop is coming from inside, then you may have a more serious logic board issue.


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i do not get i chime i just get a pop from the speakers

i do have a button near the ram sticks but i thought that that was a CUDA button


It is but it will reset the board. Press it only once, briefly and then try again.


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