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No sound only with headphones in

What can I do to fix it do I need to download sound card software

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No music plays through my headphones only my phone speaker why is this


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I assume that it has an Android OS installed. The OS controls the audio controller.

The problem is either in the headphone socket , with the speakers or may be corrupted software related.

As I do not know your tablet, do you get an indication that the headphones are either plugged in or out by the display of an icon on the screen somewhere, like in a mobile phone?

If you never have then it really is not that much different than if you did. It would have been nice to know that the tablet was "aware' of whether it was or not.

Unless it is a software related problem the tablet may have to be opened for the problem to be diagnosed and fixed.

There are two other options you may wish to consider.

1. Reset your tablet. This will restore the software in case it has been corrupted

Fully charge the tablet's battery first and remove any external SD Card.

Back up your tablet first and then reset it using the tablet's factory restore feature. Be aware that a reset will restore the tablet to a factory default condition and will erase all your user data and downloaded apps. That is why it is important to back it up first.

Once you have reset the tab check to see if the sound works properly. If it doesn't then you have a hardware fault and the tablet needs to be opened - see warranty

If the sound does work OK then restore the tablet using the backup you made earlier.

Once it has been restored check the sound. If it still works OK then the reset has solved the problem.

If it now fails again then a downloaded app may be the cause of the problem. You will have to uninstall each downloaded app one by one and test the sound between each uninstall until the sound works. The last uninstalled app will be the culprit.

2. Warranty

How long have you had the tablet? Most manufacturers provide a 12 month warranty on their products. Check the documentation that came with the tablet as to how long a warranty you have and if the warranty period for your tablet in still current then following the warranty statement information as to what you have to do to obtain a warranty repair or replacement. Do not void your warranty (if still applicable) by opening the tablet to try and find out what is wrong.

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Your answer is making sense. Now let me do what you have said. Thanks


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