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Lenovo business laptop introduced in April 2011. The X220 replaces the ThinkPad X201. The X220 has since been replaced by the X230. Main improvements are : 1366x768 IPS screen available, 2nd generation Intel Core CPUs, new Trackpoint, new Ultrabase, SATA III

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fan replacement help needed


my computer keeps overheating and figured i need to replace the fan.

bought a new one made sure everything is in order but i can find a guide to actually change the fan.

can anyone help my with changing it?

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sorry i didnt mention the computer is a lenovo x220 thinkpad


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Yoav Sharaby, Below are links showing the disassembly process for your Think Pad to enable you to change the fan from the systems board. 1st link is a video and 2nd link is the Lenova x220 disassembly manual. , Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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I have used the video on the link you sent me but he does not show how to actually replace the fan he stops right before that step so ill try using the computer manual instead.

thank you


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