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The 8th generation Honda Accord

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Starter motor gear grind on cold starts

2011 Honda Accord 4 cylinder starter motor

I have read on several Honda owner sites of this starter motor gear grinding issue that I am now encountering with the advent of colder winter temperatures. It primarily occurs upon cold starts. At the next turn of the key, the starter motor engages normally and the engine starts. It has been suggested that the problem originates with the variable timing control (VTC). Honda claims to be working on a fix (three years running) and advises that in the mean time the issue will cause no harm (ha). Can anyone offer there views on this problem, and suggest a work around fix?

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@paulrobert , Paul, sounds like bendix may be sticking, have you had this starter issue in previous years in the cold weather. You could remove the starter and check the bendix gear for wear/damage also look at the ring gear teeth for damage/wear/cracks. If all looks good maybe clean and relube up the starter/bendix shaft with a thin film of lithium(light grease) and if possible a little on the ring gear teeth, this may help it engage a little easier. Check out the attached links starter removal and trouble shooting, cleaning and lube bendix shaft. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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Just curious ... will a honda dealership even attempt this fix or will they just go straight to replacing the whole starter? I cant do it myself and doubt they will do it when they can get $$$$ for a new starter


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