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The LG G4 was released in the US in early June 2015, as always focusing on high-end specifications and a refined fashion sense that makes it stand out in the premium smartphone market. Each version of the phone will have a different model number based on if it is sold by a carrier or unlocked (US or International). Some LG G4's are known to have bootloop problems.

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Can you fix charger port

Phone wont charge. Tried mult chargers, any way to fix it?

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No, it wont charge even with wiggling. Havent looked inside to see you know where i could get it fixed?


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The G4 charging port requires soldering to be replaced. If you do not have any soldering experience I wouldn't recommend doing this on your own.

When you move or wiggle the charger does it begin charging? You may have other problems but usually the wiggling of the charging cable will make it work. You should also use a flash light or something and look at the charging port and see if it is broken or something stuck inside.

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No, it wont charge even with wiggling. Havent looked inside to see you know where i could get it fixed?


Yes I do! I repair cell phones and own Jetlabb Electronics located in New York. We do soldering as well. If you want more information please message me or you can contact us via our website or email me at


Jetlabb Electronics you are getting caught by iRobot for self advertising. Put your business contacts in your profile under the About tab. That way you can refer to that. Never place your business contact in Answers.....we consider this spamming.


Sorry about that oldturkey03, was not aware! So Marissa check out my profile page and you can get the info on where to fix it!


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