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Google-branded tablet with a 7" screen. The device needs only prying tools and screwdrivers to fix. Model number: ME370T.

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Broken digitizer making automatic touches.How to disable touch input

I have a nexus 7 first gen. It has a broken touch digitizer.Some areas of the touchpad is working and some area does not work. I am not going to repair the device because it is not cost effective. My aim is to connect an otg mouse and keyboard and use it as a mini laptop. I did the above but the broken touch pad is sometimes making automatic touches, like auto scorling, auto zooming in and out etc. I want to disable the touchpad digitizer and use it as a mini laptop. Can anybody help me to disable the touchpad digitizer?

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Thanks for the info.I am not a pro and dont have the tools now to try it. But will try it sooner or later.

Edit: I did it with a nail cutter. Now the touch is disconnected and tab is working properly

My main aim is to use it as a e reader. Can u suggest any external hardware which can scrol, zoom in and zoom out?


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Not certain that the following will work, but as there appears to be no software setting that will disable the touchscreen (understandable as they were not meant to operate without it) you could try disconnecting the digitizer from the mainboard and see if it still works. It may not as perhaps it does a check to see if it is there. You can only try and see.

Here is a link to the Ifixit guide on replacing the LCD screen. At step 9 in the procedure it shows the removal of the digitizer flex cable from the systemboard. Try disconnecting the cable and then insulating the cable end and the connector as best you can to prevent problems in the future and see if it does what you want with an OTG setup.

Just thinking that it may not stay on for as long as you'd like as the tablet will be supplying power to the mouse (and keyboard?) and I think that you cannot power the tablet separately whilst doing this.

Would it be better to try and use a BT connection for the mouse/keyboard and save the power for the tablet/BT? Just a thought.

Nexus 7 Display Assembly Replacement

Update (12/30/2016)


Not certain if this works or not, again you have to try it and see.

Connect a USB mouse via an appropriate OTG (on the go) cable to your tablet.

This part I know works.

The mouse buttons should allow you to "tap" on selected links etc.

This part I do not know for sure.

Hopefully the scroll wheel will allow you to scroll up and down the page and more hopefully the button on the scroll wheel (when you push the scroll wheel down) will enable the zoom in zoom out function.

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