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Repair guides and support for the 5th generation Honda Civic, first released in late 1991.

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constantly overheats the fan works

I have a question i have a 92 honda civic dx that constantly overheats the fan works there is no sign of leakage on the sparkplugs and no sign anywhere else and we replaced the water reservoir, thermostat, and continues to over heat. I have no idea of what else or where else it could be leaking or why it continues to over heat

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@alwayscurious1 my next step would be to change the water pump. A bad pump will just not move the coolant efficiently. Less likely but possible is a blown head gasket. This could let antifreeze leak into the combustion chamber and having it burned with the fuel. Check to see what your exhaust smoke looks like, and check your sparkplug faces to see if it looks a slight rust color. Check to see if you show water in the engine oil on your dipstick.

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Sparkplugs where great only oil and water pump was replaced not even a month ago,


@alwayscurious1 sorry I missed that waterpump in the question. Anyhow since you already replaced every part of your coolant system, have you had it checked under pressure? Do you lose any coolant? Do you have to add any?


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