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Is it possible to fix a cracked screen on my iPad Pro 12.9?

The entire screen is shattered but the screen is still usable. How can I fix the cracked screen or is it possible to send it in to someone to get it fixed?

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The iPad Pro has a fused digitizer and LCD, like the Air 2. However, I have not seen this screen assembly offered for sale by any of the "traditional" suppliers. You can find it in aliexpress but the price varies pretty widely and I would be suspicious of the lower cost versions.

If you were my customer, I would recommend that you go to the Apple Store. This may be a false assumption, but IMHO if you can afford to buy an iPad Pro 12.9, you can afford to have it properly repaired. A good analogy would be if you buy a high end car, don't go cheap on the brake job.

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Apple doesn't repair iPad Pro screens. Instead, it offers you a whole iPad Pro replacement at a cost of a 60% of the new one, plus your broken screen iPad Pro (nice business, if you consider it!). By a sad experience I know this. That's what Apple told me. In a car environment, would it go as a "Broken windshield? We don't repair them, they're thermal-glued to the car. We can offer you a new car at a lesser price"? I don't think so.

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I found this out a couple of days ago with my 10.5" model (cracked screen). I am still reeling from the cost ($450).


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You don't have to settle trading your repair in for a new product through Apple. You can repair the screen & LCD for about half of what Apple will charge you. Last I checked the screens/LCD were going for around $150.

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I got news for you guys... Apple does in fact repair broken iPad Pro screens, which is why they will trade you a discounted iPad for your broken one... You see, those discounted iPads were once broken iPads that someone brought into the Apple Store. :-p

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