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A Big Wheel is a type of tricycle, usually made of plastic, with an oversized front wheel, that rides very low to the ground.

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Steering column is stiff

I recently put together a kids big wheel and the steering column is very stiff and will hardly turn. Obviously this isn't something that is adjustable given the set up, but I need simple solution so my three year can steer it. Thanks!

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Try adjusting the height of the handlebars by loosing the screw in step #5 of this PDF and lifting slightly till it turns freely then tighten it back down:

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Kristina Johnson, This may also help, take the column back apart and apply a little/ thin coating of Vaseline on column and reassemble. Good luck.


Neither of the above helped a bit. Cannot be steered by a child.


Item is a piece of junk.


Agree, the Big Wheel has been unused for over a year. Every few months my kids and their friends get on it and just as quickly get off. I would greatly appreciate someone sharing a fix if there is one out there


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