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Announced on October 16, 2014, the iPad Air 2 is a thinner successor to the iPad Air.

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Digitiser problem, not responding


I have recently purchased an iPad Air 2 off eBay. It was described as working but with a heavily damaged screen. I received the IPad and purchased an OEM LCD and digitiser all in one. After fixing the screen and the iPad booting up fine I found that the digitiser does not work. I rechecked the pins on the board and how they were seated and al was fine.....I eventually put this down to a faulty digitiser.

After sending the screen back and recieveig a replacement I went ahead fitted It, however the problem remains. I very much doubt I have another faulty digitiser so I'm thinking the problem lays elsewhere.

Could any one give me any ideas of what might be causing the problem? I'm out of ideas. I hope it's not a faulty logic board!


Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Thanks in advance.

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On the first pic, it looks like one of the touch controllers is cracked. This will require microsoldering experience, and yes it looks like a logic board problem.

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I'm in the UK unfortunately, I think the crack is actually reflection off the metal surrounding. This has gotta be the problem as everything else is untouched.


@m0rt1l can you post another pic of the touch IC on the right?


Hi, I have just had another look and actually removed the bent piece of metal to give a better view. The lower of the 2 broadcom chips is cracked/broken. Looks like its been crushed with when the screen was damaged.

This can only be the problem. I will seek a micro solder expert and get that chip replaced. I will also ask them to inspect the surrounding area for any other damage, however it looks fine.

cheers for the input guys, really appreciate it.


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First, a few questions...

  • Did the iPad work with the old screen when you first received it?
  • Did you order your screen from a reputable supplier or Amazon/eBay?
  • When you replaced the screen, did you disconnect the battery like shown on this link?iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi Display Assembly Replacement

If your iPad digitizer did not work when you first received the iPad from your eBay seller, I would send it back and ask for a refund.

As to your replacement part, there are many sketchy suppliers on Amazon and eBay. Some good ones too to be sure but you always have to be wary.

If your iPad worked properly at first, minus a cracked screen, then you did something wrong because 2 bad screens in a row, while possible, is somewhat unlikely unless the supplier is really bad. That brings me to my third question. Did you follow a guide, like the iFixit guide (linked above)? The Air 2 is simpler than the older iPads but there are traps to avoid. Disconnecting the battery is one. If the device is powered when you work on it, you can cause shorts while trying to put the connectors back in place because they don't always line up properly on first try.

Inspect the connector area again with a loupe and look for debris, broken pins or damaged components in the surrounding area. If you don't find anything and your device worked initially, then you may indeed have a logic board problem.

Finally, did you transfer of the sleep/wake sensor? It's not critical but that's what allows the Apple smart screen covers to induce sleep or wake on the iPad. If you are not comfortable doing micro-soldering, you could pass this step but you will never have that functionality again.

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Hi thanks for the speedy reply.

The screen/LCD was purchased off a well established company from which i have had great dealing with over the years, I'm now moving away from the screen theory.

The iPad was purchased with a broken screen however, when I received it the screen was too far gone to test the digitiser. When turned on the screen lit up with huge bleeds from the LCD and vertical lines but you could tell the OS was running and responding how it should, the digitiser on the other hand, you couldnt tell if it was working or not.

The Ipad was totally unpowered before the repair.

On further inspection I did find that the area below the digitiser connector areas covered by the metal plates seem to have taken some kind of impact, I am presuming this happened at the same time as the screen.

The whole thing looks and works brill, its just the touch function which renders it useless.

The sleep/wake function.....ill leave this out for now.


A shield base does not lift up like that due to impact. It is normally covered by a shield (iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi Vervanging van het logic board). Was the shield there originally? Sadly for you, that is where the Touch IC's are situated on the iPad Air 2.

So two possibilities here: either some components were pried off the logic board when that shield cover was improperly removed or some impact or other damage caused the Touch IC's to fail and someone tried to take a look and damaged the shield base.

Either way, this looks more and more like logic board failure. You could look for a shop that does micro-soldering repairs and they may be able to repair this.


Hi, looks like thats the problem with the touch then because everything else is working fine. I'll probably just put it back on ebay now as a new logic board will be very pricey.


Apologies. The answer was very helpful.


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