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Model A1286. Released February 2011 / 2.0, 2.2, or 2.3 GHz Quad-core Intel Core i7 Processor

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Need help in component identification


Problem is I tried to re-solder a micro capacitor near monitor connecter and lost it... could someone help to identify that part.... please

Thank you

Block Image

Update (12/02/2016)

Thank you very much for answer, so both parts are conected? That picture i was make before lost component now computer start but after few seconds restarting... aple logo looks strange

If i know thats part parameters i trying to in and what's happening then

Block Image

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You need a schematic diagram and the proper tools to debug this.


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@xeroin just for completion sake. The smaller component is reference designator C9001 which is a 0.1uF 16V 10% capacitor in a 0402 package. It is part of the LVDS circuitry.

The larger part is reference designator T4001 which is a TLA-6T213HF transformer (it is not a filter) and part of the ethernet connector circuitry.

Both components can be replaced by someone with moderate microsoldering experience. Replacing the capacitor should fix your image.

Update (12/04/2016)

@danj not sure what vendors call it. Found it on Mouser before under pulse transformer. I do not see the filtering capacity of the transformer in the schematic or the datasheet. I wonder if the "damage" on T4001 is from a hot soldering iron and external vs. high voltage internally. For now I would just replace the cap and then re-evaluate.

Block Image

The datasheet can be downloaded from here. Ultimately it does not matter for as long as the OP gets his computer fixed with the right parts.

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THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! I will put that part and make picture or MacBook works fine


@oldturkey03 - FYI its both a Filter and a Transformer!

Different vendors call it a filter and others a transformer. Here's a good image of the Etherent Phy as you can see the first part is a filter and the second stage is a transformer.


I should point out this system likely got a high voltage hit via the Ethernet connection (lightning or cross wired to a hot ground).


@oldturkey03 - 'Ultimately it does not matter for as long as the OP gets his computer fixed with the right parts' Agreed ;-}

It does get confusing when they compress multiple parts into a single part. The upper part in your figure are the double wound toroid chokes and the lower part are your traditional center tap transformers.


@danj now I get what you are referring to as filters. Yes, the common mode chokes on the inside of the IC are to filter the EMI of the power lines from the transformer. They are filters for the pulse transformers output but not filters for the circuitry. Still don't see why vendors would call it a filter, but it is what it is.


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Sadly you have a bigger problem here than that little cap ;-{

If you compare your logic board to this one you'll see the larger chip near the connector is fractured from heat (shorted out) DELTA 8904C-F (Filter/Transformer). You'll need to replace it as well and try to figure out what caused it to short out.

Block Image

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Please notice that TLA-6T213LF-T (TDK) is the equivalent IC for DELTA 8904C-F (Delta Electronics).

DELTA 8904C-F specs can be found here:

TLA-6T213LF-T specs:


Thanks for the link, it was really helpful @maxueda


Hi Dan, I'm facing an issue on my Macbook Pro 15" 2011 whereby the screen stays white during bootup, caps lock light won't turn on upon pressing. I noticed that the DELTA 8904C-F has cracked on the outside, do you think if the chip is faulty it could cause the issue that I am facing?


@jackyleecy -

IF you leave your system plugged in your Ethernet network and you got a lightning hit or power line surge then its possible your system was damaged and what you are seeing it some of that damage.

IF on the other hand you don't, then you are more likely looking at the wrong area as this logic is not live until used.

You more likely have a blown discreet GPU, which is a common issue in this series as people tended to push the system too hard running heavy graphics which overheated the chip. To prove it you should be able to reset your SMC and then reboot your system in Target Disk Mode pressing the T key at startup. If you see the FireWire or Thunderbolt icon on your screen then you know that's the issue. As when you boot up in this mode you are leveraging the Intel Iris graphics within the CPU.

Reference: Mac startup key combinations


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