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rar archive problem opening

I created rar file on my computer. When I started to open .rar archive I got an error - Packed data CRC failed in volume name. The volume is corrupt. I don't know how to make rarrecovery. Any help, please.

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Thanks for a tip, very interesting.


Thanks for advice...


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Man, Winrar has many features not only recovery feature... For example, you may open your .rar archive in another version of WinRAR or save it with another extension.

But when the file was created by yourself and any other methods don't work, then can be applied eRepair RAR, it is one of the latest generations of recovery software, see its demo to prove it.

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I take it you don't have the original components of the archive. If that is the case you may not be able to recover from this. However, you can try googling "repairing corrupted rar files" if you haven't already.

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