Famicom twin left on too long. Power barely works.

I have one of the Sharp Famicom Twin systems. Worked great. My 2 yo had a knack for just flipping random switches on and off. Went in the basement and happened to notice the power switched on, and a very faint power light. Don't know how long it was on.. could have been a couple weeks, or even a few months. Anyway, all i can get it to do is power on with a very faint power light, but the system doesn't display anything on the tv. If i were to open this up, I wouldn't know what i'd be looking for, wouldn't know if the thing i was looking for looked bad or good, and wouldn't know what part to replace it with. Any helpful hints to get me started? (Outside of the obvious hint of keeping my valued devices out of the little one's reach :))


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Hopefully I'm not too late but I have a question that can help us diagnose what is wrong. Are you using a US power outlet to power the famicom? US power outlets output 120v while Japanese outlets only do 100v. The system could be fried from the extra voltage...


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