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De Xbox draadloze controller 7MN-0001, vervaardigd door Microsoft Corporation, is de meest gebruikte controller voor Xbox-spelcomputers en kan ook in combinatie met pc's worden gebruikt.

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How can I remove the magnetic triggers?

I already Have taken one Xbox one controller apart to fix the trigger , but I found that a metal ping hold it. How I can remove the ping without damaging the squeleton

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@ema1996 , Jose, at about at the 8 min. mark on video link below shows trigger removal. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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@lpfaff1 Thanks for the video I have learned a lot really.. But in this video I don't see the answer I'm looking for.. I want to remove noT only the trigger shell or the motor inside I want to remove the plastic holding the magnetic


Jose, in the video below it shows hinge pin fairly clearly, it looks like the pin has a head on it, that if you can carefully pry pin with small jewelers slotted screw driver under the head of pin and then when out far enough use needle nose pliers to pull the pin the rest of the way out(do not turn/spin the pin because the smaller end has knurling) that helps retain it in the plastic. You could also push the pin out from the opposite direction with a nail,etc. and then finish by grabbing the head with needle nose pliers and pulling out, just work carefully a you do not want to break the plastic hinge mounts. Careful to not loose the trigger springs and note the position and orientation. Good luck with your controller.


@ema1996 ,Jose, A couple additional links for you to check link 1 is another disassembly vid and 2nd link shows what the pin looks like showing the head and knurls which tells you the pin can only come out in one direction.


The second link has expired I'm stuck with this problem too, could some one help please


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Maybe someone will find it useful (it’s not my video though):

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