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GT-S6310 shutting down and vibrating alone. HELP ME OUT!

I was using my phone Samsung Galaxy Young (GT-S6310') when its suddenly shutting down alone. After a few minutes it will start up again and keep on vibrating. i'd already remove the battery but when I returned it back, my phone starts to open up automatically then keep on vibrating again. Can anyone here who can help me out? Im begging.. this is the only PHONE I have.. waiting for you response.. THANK YOU! IT WILL BE MUCH APPRECIATED.

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@beverlygines I'd start with a new battery. It is possible that the battery is at the point where it is starting to fail.

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I have this problem too, but I know it's not the battery because I've recently changed it.

My mobile started with this problem when I was charging it from switched off and I went to switch it on (something that I had done many times before). The phone started to switch on but after showing the 'samsung galaxy' page it went blank and kept vibrating at a steady rhythm. I took the battery off but at soon as I insert it again it tries to switch on automatically and gets stuck vibrating.... over and over again.

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