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How to fix the seventh generation of Honda's compact car.

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Horn 'button' does not work

How do I replace/fix the steering wheel activator system for the horn?

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@leojik , Before pulling the steering wheel because your horn does not work, Check all fuses and horn relay and the horn itself. May be bad/corroded ground at the horn. Links below show horn fuse/relay locations, horn location and removal, steering wheel removal to access horns wiring/plug. Check the attached links,instruction and guides, Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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I have put a live feed to the horn and it works but no live feed at the steering wheel and the srs air bag light is on

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Through research for my own car, it appears that your issue is to do with something called the "coil spring". It's a device that allows the wires for the airbag, horn and other wheel controls to turn with the wheel without being damaged. Here's a YouTube video for you to take a look at:


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