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A personal computer that resides in one location with its core components inside a case separate to third-party peripherals required for operation, such as a mouse, keyboard, and monitor.

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Black screen in windows 10

So, recently I downloaded the program called "Driver booster", the problem is when I restarted my computer, It keeped loading in a black screen like this:

Block Image

I restarted a lot of times my computer but no solution. I tried to install Windows 8 from an original installation disk but the problem is that Windows says that I need a driver that is missing on my computer.

I cannot open recovery mode, or secure mode. Also I don't have the original installation disk of Windows 10.

Specifications of my computer:

  • I5 3330
  • 4GB Ram Kingstone 1333ghz
  • GT 610
  • Mother Asus h61mk

Thank you for your time!

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Hi, Do you know anyone who has a PC with Win 10 installed? If so you can make a Win 10 recovery disc (USB at least 4GB) from their PC.Go to Control Panel > Recovery and follow the prompts to create a recovery USB drive. It will load only the necessary system files onto the USB. With that you can boot your PC (change boot option to USB first) then get into troubleshooting and repair using it.

Be aware that it takes 40+ minutes to create a USB recovery disc (based on i5 + 8GB RAM)


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Can you try this . Remove the power cord ,unplug the machine then hold the power button down for a minute or more. We're resetting the memory to be clear so that the computer has a clean clear boot . Then plug the computer back in and reboot. If this gives Joy then use a program like revo to uninstall the driver booster program . This will get it all out of your computer. Loading drivers should be done through the computers website. Second party websites or programs are not always a safe spot to get drivers from. They are also hard to completely get rid of . This is why a program like Revo uninstaller is necessary to rid the computer of it. Hope this helps

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Can you get to the recovery page if you depress F8 on boot-up. If you can try to go back to when windows was good. And if you can get you system back up then I would never use that Booster Program. In fact those Driver finders usually do not work EVER. Best is to find drivers from the companies websites manually.

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If you are getting Windows 10 update black screen or black screen Windows 10 display problems then following some of these How to fix Windows 10 Black Screen solutions might help you:

  • Solutions (1): Check the Hardware to Fix Windows 10 Black Screen
  • Solutions (2): Fix Windows 10 Black Screen in the Safe Mode
  • Solutions (3): Uninstall and Reinstall Display Driver in Windows 10
  • Solutions (4): Uninstall Uxstyle to Fix Windows 10 Black Screen


I hope it helps.


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