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AT&T black corded speakerphone with a tilted LCD display and extra-large keys.

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landline phone ringer not working.

The landline phone instrument is working fine supporting outgoing calls but the phone isn't ringing during incoming call, the phone loudspeaker is also working fine.

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Have you checked that the ringer volume is set to an appropriate level and that the ringer hasn't been 'muted' by being switched OFF?

Here is an image to show you. (click on the image to enlarge it for better viewing)

Block Image

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I have checked that already, that is not the case,thanks anyways!

I think there is some problem in internal wiring.



You say that the loudspeaker works fine so this proves that the speaker (it is the same one used for the ringing signal) works. Perhaps it is the ringer switch itself that is faulty. It may have become disconnected from the board perhaps.


yeah something like, i actually checked inside the instrument two wires are hanging out but i don't know the connections.


Hi, What are the connections from the ringer switch like? Is the switch mounted on the pcb or wired in?


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I have a landline phone at&t 1960 model. Everything works but not the ring.

Someone said it is because in USA electricity is 25 hertz but in France it is 50 hertz.

Can you help me to make it ring ?

Thank you.



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