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The Nabi Big Tab HD 24, created by Fuhu Inc, is an android tablet designed for the entire family. The 23.6 inch, full HD resolution display device comes with a 16GB storage and a front-facing camera.

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Why won’t my tablet charge?

After running out of battery, I plugged my tablet in to charge. After letting it charge for a couple hours, I tried to turn it on, but to no avail. I checked my outlet and confirmed it was giving power.

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Usually the big tab hd nabi has some batteries in the back of it due to some over voltage power outlets that fit the nabi will cause the battery line to melt the connection line to the batteries (but its not harmful to the tablet it's self) then the tablet will not be able to run on battery but rather the DC adapter


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it could be a bad battery or it could be a bad charger port. best bet is to use a multi meter to measure voltage from the battery/battery connector to tell if power is flowing to the battery.

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Nabi tablets not holding a charge is a common issue. The problem may be caused by the power adapter, power port, or the battery itself. Follow this troubleshooting guide to determine what the specific problem is.

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The battery line may have fried and may need to be replaced if that's not the case you should have the batteries replaced

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