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Black & Decker FT1000 Flex-Tube Blower (Type 1) is an electric hand-held blower. It includes 140 mph air-speed, joystick control, and a low noise level. It can be used with the flex-tube or as a straight-tube blower. It is now a discontinued model.

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one of the prongs came off

is there any way to replace it?

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nishonijewelry , could not find the plug in a part listing, every body wants to sell the hole blower unit.

Are you feeling handy. You could have unit disassembled and have a pig tail and plug added. It would take a little ingenuity but can be done if you would like to go that wrought. Just make sure cord is attached/ fastened in body securely and can not be yanked out of housing.

Hardware store should have all required parts. 2 feet of 14-2 extension cord, 1 heavy duty male plug(if existing was 3 blade/terminal, replacement should be 3 blade) and a cable clamp or 2 that will work to secure wire from being pulled out of body of blower. You may also need 3 female spade terminals to clamp on wire to make the connection back on switch/motor. Link below is just to give a visual of what I am talking about. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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