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Released on September 19, 2014, this 5.5" screen iPhone is the larger version of the iPhone 6.

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Weird screen issue - anyone seen this before?

So about 2 months after I replaced the iPhone 6 plus LCD this happened!

Block Image

It is static. The touch seems to respond as I can blindly hold the power button and slide to turn off but the image doesn't change!

Anyone encountered this before please help!

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BTW I tried reconnecting the flex cables, looked for any signs of damage but found none.


Did you disconnect the battery connector and reconnect, then do a hard reset?


Yeah sometimes it's the screen or a nand flash memory issue (not enough space / overfilled / corrupted / damaged).


The problem is that when I connect another screen then the phone works fine.

And when i connect this bad screen to another phone it has the same issue.

So the issue must be with this screen...


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I actually saw this for the first time today on a 6+, may not be the same issue though as this one would be fine but freak out periodically go all staticy then screen would go blank, I worked out that somehow the phone had overfilled the memory by 2.5Gb (don't ask me how or why that was just what iTunes told me) and I noticed that it had downloaded the latest update so I installed it (freed up about 3Gb) and it seemed to come right, hasn't freaked out yet (after about 3 hours of testing)

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