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Bluetooth capable, waterproof, and shock resistant speaker released in March 2015. The Braven BRV-HD is identified by the model number BRVHDBG.

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Why isn’t my battery charging?

I've tried charging my speaker many times and I am not sure if it's charging or not. Any information is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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the speaker works if are conected in power oulet if I DISCONECT STOP THE SPEAKER


I need to have a braven xxl checked it will not charge with charger


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There are several reasons explaining why the device may not be charging. If it is the first time charging the Braven BRV-HD speaker, it may take longer than average to charge. Other reasons, such as a defective charging port or faulty wall outlet could be the issue. For more detailed information please visit our troubleshooting page.

Braven BRV-HD Troubleshooting

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