The HP Flyer Red is a laptop created by Hewlett Packard which was released around December 2014.

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Can I install a fan?

I know this processor/system is meant to be low wattage etc. but i would feel safer if this laptop didn't potentially break down during gaming hours. I'm content with the fps it can give me during games so I would like to know if I can just install a fan .

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Anthony, You may find you do not need additional fan by keeping laptop clean and using it on a hard dust free surface. Using laptop on blankets,pillows,etc. will clog computer up very fast with lint, dust, hair and fibers, no mater how many fans you have. Laptops have have vents located around the case allowing airflow crucial to the cooling of internal components. If these vents become clogged, or if heat-generating parts become covered with dust, the fan cannot cool the components properly. Lint/hair/dust can accumulate preventing air flow around the cooling fan blades, on mother board, heat sinks,etc., causing the fan to work harder and potentially cause overheating laptop. If there is dust in the vents, you should clean the laptop by blowing/vacuum out the dust and if possible from around the fan and heat shield weekly. This prevents dust from accumulating for the most part inside laptop and maybe a yearly partial tear down and complete cleaning.

External cooling mats can help, most importantly though keep laptop clean, for free air flow.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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Here is a much easier solution. It is called a chilling mat or cooling stand. It has fans in it. You just plug it into a USB port on your computer. Problem solved. Here is a link I found. Tap or click on the blue link. You can buy these many different places on line and in local stores. This should help. Good luck!

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When i bought my Red Flyer in 2014 at WalMart (came w/Win 8.1)---- i hadNO clue there was no internal fan. There was NO, NADA information on how to treat it for cooling purposes. Mine died and it had to be thrown out. Unacceptable for a unit purchased in 2014. Never ever heard of any computer without a cooling mechanism.

HP is OFF my list forever in the computer/laptop world. They need to just stick with printers.

PS: a girlfriend of mine also lost her Red Flyer. We're not computer novices either. VERY poor company which does this in the name of inexpensive for a customer.

PCarter - Wash State

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