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Portable Bluetooth Speaker with 14 hour playtime. IPX7 waterproof certified. Shockproof rubber exterior. 1800mAh power bank. Released in 2015.

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Device won't turn on

Device will not turn on even when fully charged, and yes I am holding the power button long enough. Why won't it turn on? Only a couple months old.

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I just got a new phone, took it off my old one but now it won't connect to either


I have a Braven Brv1 too the problem is it won't turn on but it's charging and fully charged I tried to reset it but still it won't turn on


I have the same problem too, I have braven ready elite, I only use it for few months and while I'm using it, its shuts down by itself and it won't charge too. Even if I give a long press on the on button, nothing happen.


Someone please help me. The power button seems to have broke on my braven balance..

Tried pulling up the rubber piece & the button doesn't seem to be there..

Does anyone know if I can turn on the Balance without holding down the power button. Or if I would be able to fix it easily?


I have the same problem and now if I hold the play plus power button simultaneously it will come on but I have to let it shut itself off or reset it


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Have you tried pressing the reset button located on the back of the unit?

(Here is a link to the Ifixit troubleshooting guide for your speaker that states where to find the reset button Braven BRV-1s Troubleshooting )

If resetting the unit doesn't work, given that you state that it is only a couple of months old, I suggest that you verify that the warranty period is still valid, (12 months from date of purchase), then consult the warranty documentation that came with the unit, as to what you have to to make a claim for a warranty repair or replacement. (go to the manufacturer's website if you can't find it and search for warranty),

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I have a braven stryde 360 i dropped it and it stopped playing music and wont turn on i think i broke it do you know if it is possible to disassemble it or anything


I have the same problem … did you get it to work ?? I also can't find the reset button.. can you help me please?


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I recently got a braven Ready Prime version and had the exact same problems was fully charged and would turn on even if I held the on button for 10 or more seconds and the reset button wasn’t doing anything.

i then put my portable charger (might work with a phone or anything that can be charged) on charge through the speakers USB port and the speaker was charging my portable charger I then left it for a couple hours and my portable charger was fully charged, then I put the speaker on charge and suddenly all the lights came back and it turned on straight away, so you may have to drain the speakers battery and charge it again for it to turn back on, hope this helps anyone

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