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Guides for the Wi-Fi version of the iPad Mini 4—model A1538. Announced on September 9, 2015, the iPad Mini 4 is the successor to the iPad Mini 3.

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Why my ipad mini4 no sound?

how can i fix my ipad mini sounds?

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Make sure the device isn't muted. Check the rocker switch on the side and also press volume up. If that doesn't work, go into settings > sound and make sure everything is set right there.

Report back if you still have issues.

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still no sounds


has it been dropped or had any water damage?


Still no sound. I'm typing this with my volume up and I can't hear the sound.


Still no it broke down


iPad mini 4 doesn't have a rocker switch.


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You can go to settings>General >reset>reset all settings. That should fix the no sound problem.

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piece of headphone is stuck in the port

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