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Alcatel's first smartphone built for the Straight Talk network, identified by model number A851L. Released in October 2013.

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Phone doesnt let me talk when I answer a call

When I get calls I answer them like normal and then I'll say hi and the other person doesn't here me at all help me please

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I know it's an obvious question, but are you sure your microphone is not muted? Also, when you call someone, can they hear you? I would try making a voice recording to see if your microphone picks up anything at all. If your microphone works, then it's likely just a settings issue.


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If the microphone has not been muted and you still cannot be heard try the following:

Connect the earphones with the microphone attachment to the phone and then make or answer a call.

If you cannot be heard using this method there is a problem with the voice transmission circuitry in the phone, which would involve a repair/replacement of the systemboard.

If you can be heard using this method it proves that the voice transmission circuitry is OK but there is a problem with the microphone in the phone.

It may be that the microphone is faulty, has become disconnected from the systemboard or the microphone inlet has become obstructed. The first two would involve the phone having to be opened and initially be visually inspected.

You can check the third possibility by using a magnifying glass and a strong light to check to see if there is anything clogging up the small pinhole on the bottom edge/side of the phone. Behind this hole is the microphone. If it does look like there is some lint, dust etc do not stick a pin or anything else into the hole to try and clear the obstruction, you will damage the microphone. Try using a vacuum cleaner to suck out any obstruction. Do not apply the vacuum cleaner for long periods to clear the hole, try short bursts.

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Hi if I call someone they cant hear me so I think something is wrong with my phone



Did you try any of the suggestions in the Chosen Solution above?


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our phone works when we dial a different phone but not our friends phone is used. If she phones back, we still hear her but she can't hear us. Any suggestions?

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Hi @chriswilli90366

Can your friend hear other callers OK on her phone?

Can you try a different phone and call her and check if she hears you OK?


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