Rear camera fpc connector cleaning

Hey guys,

my iPhone 6s had a water damage and I was able to revive it by cleaning the whole logic board with isopropyl alcohol. After the cleaning, it went back on and everything is working great.

Only problem: The rear camera isn't working.

After investigating, it seems like the rear camera fpc connector got damaged particularly badly, along with the camera itself. I bought a new camera and was able to get it to work sporadically but it's flickering and the connection isn't very stable. Looking at the fpc connector (it can be the only reason, since the camera is new), it seems like some pins are slightly darker than the normal "gold" color and some are almost black. Now my question is: Is there any way to clean those black pins on the fpc connector? Maybe there's a special liquid / solution for that? I'd really like NOT to solder it out and replace it, since that would require a lot of tools I don't have.

Thanks a lot!

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